Want to stay in touch with all things Australian and New Zealand? Want a fun and easy way to make friends in the Netherlands? Come and join us! We welcome anyone with any interest in or connection to Australia or New Zealand. In the following pages you can learn more about the ANZC and the social activities we organise for members and friends. If you would like to become a member, please go to the membership link, or if you need further information, please contact us via the 'contact' link and we will be in contact as soon as possible.

As per the 'Articles of Association' the aim of the Club is to organise and promote social and charitable activities and everything connected with those activities in the widest sense, for the benefit of Australian and New Zealand people living in the Netherlands.

About Us

The club provides a way for members to feel connected to Australia and New Zealand, as well as to one another, either in a virtual sense or through face-to-face contact where possible. We send members regular communications via our e-newsletter and our colourful quarterly magazine, and we invite people to follow us on Facebook. Communications endeavour to inform and entertain, and we welcome ideas and submissions (big or small) from our members, particularly on our Facebook page!

The club is run and maintained entirely by volunteers. In addition to our club committee, we also gratefully acknowledge the assistance of members who help the club on a less formal basis, and we welcome all enquiries from anyone interested in providing help to the club in any capacity. See our 'Contact Us' page for ways to get in contact.


Where possible we also create opportunities for members to meet face-to-face with activities such as dinners, pub nights, sporting events and tours of Dutch buildings and monuments. We are a very welcoming club and each event will typically include members meeting for the first time, so don't feel shy! We are here to help and support one another (and to have a bit of fun!). All events organised by the ANZC will always have a member of our club committee present to welcome any members who may be meeting other members for the first time.

Paying for Functions

To pay for an event, please make payment into the Club's ABN AMRO bank account NL07 ABNA 0483 0008 76 and clearly state names of those attending and the event name. Cancellations after the due date are non-refundable.


photoThe ANZC Crafts Club runs one Saturday in the month, see schedule for details. The aim of the Craft club is for everyone to learn a new craft and where possible be charitable if the situation arises.

Each craft session runs for about 4 hours. The aim of each session is to be able to make something and take it home during the 4 hours (or at worst, be able to take it home and finish).

The Craft Club is held in Wassanaar. There is also the chance of field days to see more about Dutch crafts. To join the Craft Club you need to be a member of the ANZC, be willing to bring a biscuit or cake when it’s your turn, and be able to pay for and bring your own materials to the group (if needed [currently most of the materials are freely available]), and be able to get yourself to and from Wassanaar. If you have interest, please send an email to functions@anzc.org listing the types of things you are interested in doing.


photoThe Walking Club is a new initiative for the ANZC. The aim is to walk one Sunday in the month. The walk will be from train station to train station where possible and will start at 10am with the aim to finish at around 1pm.

The walks will be around 8-12km, therefore walking up to 5km per hour. The walk is open to both members and non-members and will cost nothing to join. RSVP is via functions@anzc.org. You will need to meet at the meeting point given for that walk. The walk will start promptly at 10am. Check the schedule for the next dates.

Make sure you wear something warm (the Netherlands weather can be very unpredictable), and good shoes. If you would like more information about the walk, contact functions@anzc.org. If the walk will not be on due to bad weather, there will be a notice on the functions schedule page – Please check regardless.


Membership to the ANZC of the Netherlands is open to anyone with a connection to or affection for Australia or New Zealand. You do not need to be an Australian or New Zealand citizen to join.

All members receive receive a quarterly magazine, a discounts at participating stores and discounts at various functions throughout the year.

How to join
Joining is easy. Please send your payment to our bank NL07 ABNA 0483 0008 76, listing your name in the comments section, and then provide your name and address details to membership@anzc.org. Once your payment and details are received, you will receive our latest magazine by mail.

Current Term
The new membership term is from the 1st April 2017 to the 31st March 2018.

Current Fees
• New Individual Members - €50.00
• New Family - €65.00
• Renewal Individual Member - €45.00
• Renewal Family Member - €60.00


In the 1960’s a small group of Australian women living in The Netherlands with Dutch partners or with Dutch parents re-emigrating back to The Netherlands from Australia, had managed to find one another and began meeting up on a regular basis in order to socialise and provide support for one another so far from home.

In 1968, with support from the Australian embassy, the little group officially formed the Australian Women's Club and as its existence became more widely known, membership grew. In following years, the group met up with and befriended women from New Zealand who had also found themselves living in the Netherlands and in search of support and a connection to home. The inherent close bond between Australians and New Zealanders was a natural catalyst for the club's first evolution, and in 1982 the club became officially known as the Australian and New Zealand Women's Club.

Since its formation, the club has continued to adapt to changing times, and made a conscious effort to cater not only to Australians and New Zealanders who were making the Netherlands their permanent home, but also those who made it their temporary home, especially given the rapidly growing mobility of the global workforce and their families. The club opened its doors to male members and to people of any nationality who wanted to stay connected to Australia and New Zealand. In recognition of its broader and more diverse membership, in 2014 the club underwent another name change to become the Australian and New Zealand Club the Netherlands.


The ANZC aim to ‘promote social and charitable activities’ where possible. In March 2016 the Craft group made some bears (main photo), that were sent to America to give to sick children. In March 2016 the ANZC also participated in the ‘Nederland Schoon’, which is an annual initiative with the aim to ‘Clean up the Netherlands’, similar to the ‘Clean up Australia campaign. If you have any ideas that you think the ANZC may be interested, please contact president@anzc.org.


• H.E. Dr. Brett Mason,
Australian Ambassador to the Netherlands
• H.E. Janet Lowe,
New Zealand Ambassador to the Netherlands

Honorary Members

• Greta Josso
• Phyl Kerkhoven
• Alison Loeff
• Baroness Diana Mackay
• Joan van Vuure
• Jean Wassing

Committee Members

• Dianne Biederberg
• Greg Barwell
• Rebecca Larsen
• Sue Corbould
• Fiona Baird
• Dianne Biederberg
• Owen Langdale

Links A-Z

Name Phone Number
Australian Embassy +31(0)703108200
New Zealand Embassy+31(0)703469324
Dutch Railway (ns.nl)088 671 2000


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